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Manufacturer / Type:TÜNKERS 1100
Category: automatic laminator
Format / Width: 1100 mm
Max. format: 1000 x 1400 mm
Min. format: 200 x 280 mm
Output: max. 2500 sheet/h
Year: 1987
Impressions: not represented
State: be on view
Availability: immediately
Measure (l x w x h): 9405 x 1900 x 2030 mm
automatic laminator year: 1989 max. format: 1100 x 1400 mm min. format: 200 x 280 mm top sheet: 150-800g/m2 bottom sheet: 250g/m2 - 5mm power: 5,8kW, 380V, 50Hz air: 6bar, 290l/min. can work with 2ply corrugated board too

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