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Manufacturer / Type:RG-24 (gluing machine) with pneumatic gluing system
Category: semi auto gluer machine with V-M-W pneumatic gluer system
Format / Width: 2400 mm
Max. format: 2400 x 1500 mm
Min. format: 750 x 250 mm
Output: 25 m/min. cca: 30-35 box/min
Year: 2018
Impressions: new
State: possible to ordered
Measure (l x w x h): 6350 x 1970 x 1410 mm
Weight:2200 kg

New, one-point semi-automatic gluer machine with V-M-W pneumatic gluing system for gluing boxes max. sheet size: 2400 x 1500 mm min. sheet size: 750 x 250 mm min. box size: 180 x 125 mm gluing flap: 35 mm manual feeding glue applied by VALCO contact head system automatic alignment pressing section and box counter mech. speed: 25 m/min. cca 30-35 boxes/min power supply: 3,5 kW measures: 6350 x 1970 x 1410 mm Warranty, post-warranty service, and spare parts provided by the company MINOR Plus, s.r.o. !!!


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