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Manufacturer / Type:KR-22 used auto stacker
Category: auto stacker
Format / Width: 2200
Max. format: 1150 x 2200 mm
Min. format: 250 x 500 mm
Year: 2011
Impressions: used
State: can to see in our storage
Measure (l x w x h): 5800 x 2800 x 3200 mm
used automatic stacker usable with rotary slitter, sloter, rotary die cutter and other equipment for gathering corrugated cardboards max. sheet format: 1150 x 2200 mm min. sheet format: 250 x 500 mm max. height of the string: 1 700 mm automatic lift of the delivery ligament is run by sensor delivery speed controllable power supply: 4 kW measure: 5800 x 2800 x 3200 mm

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