Request for proposal Ref.num.: 190919 Print
Manufacturer / Type:SR-16_10 (litte used partition slotter)
Category: Partition slotter
Format / Width: 1600 mm
Max. format: 1600 x 550 mm
Min. format: 400 x 200 mm
Output: 160 sheet/min
Year: 2016-08
Impressions: little used
State: be on wiev on storage
Availability: immediately
Measure (l x w x h): 3600 x 2400 x 1300 mm
Weight:2200 kg

used, automatic partition slotter under guarantee for making boxes max. sheet format: 1600 x 550 mm min. sheet format: 400 x 200 mm kicker feeder with vacuum sucking slotter: 9 x slotting knife + 1 x slotting knife with ear maker, 4 x precreasing rings, 4 x creasing rings  measure: 3600 x 2400 x 1300 mm weight: 2200 kg power supply: 3,8 kW


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