Custom production of parts

In our machining workshop, we have available manifold machining equipment on which we can produce various special and also small-series parts.
Our designers can prepare 2D and 3D technical drawings before launching and implementing the production of samples, which will provide the visualisation and dimension control of the requested part.
Below is a list of minimum and maximum dimensions of the main machining processes and available machines:


Ø: 220 – 630 mm
Max. length 3000 mm


Desk dimensions: 300 x 1600 mm
X = 1200 mm
Y = 350 mm (spindle 80)
Z = 300 mm

Flat surface grinding

Desk dimensions: 1000 x 300 mm

Horizontal machining equipment, drilling and milling

Desk dimensions: 1100 x 1000 mm
X = 1200 mm
Y = 900 mm
Z = 800 mm
W = 900 mm

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