Moving heavy machines

In production, logistics is almost as important as the organisation of production itself. If a company acquires a new machine or moves to a larger hall, it also strives to increase the production effectivity. By sharing our professional knowledge, we help our partners to optimise their production from planning to the preparation of drawings to placing of new machines and professional and safe move of their existing machines.
Heavy machines and technologies located in production halls can be moved by several means; however, in terms of break in production, an important factor is how much time the uninstallation and installation of the machines or technologies will take.
Our company has the necessary liability insurance and our qualified technicians have extensive experience with the lifting, handling and positioning of machines and their parts within production halls and one production site but also with moving of production to a new site.
We have available quality and standardised transporting platforms with a capacity of 12 and 45 tons, hydraulic lifting machines and other equipment; our technicians have passed exams in binding and hanging loads that are essential for a safe performance of works with a crane and are holders of the European licence to operate forklifts.
Using our diesel forklifts with a capacity of 3, 10 and 12 tons that are stored in our site and are available at any time, we are able to solve variable lifting tasks easily and quickly.



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