Repairs, service

"The most expensive machine is the one that is out of order instead of producing."
Unplanned break in operation due to failure in the peak period is a huge problem for all of us. Apart from certain inconvenience, a late supply of purchased goods to customers may also have financial consequences. In such cases, our ability to solve the occurred problem quickly and professionally is what really matters.
Our four service teams can be posted to all four cardinal directions since all our teams consist of a qualified technician and a skilled mechanist. Our technicians have a thorough knowledge of the structure and working of the machines for the processing of corrugated cardboard and for the production of boxes, so, after receiving a failure report, they try to find the reason of the failure first by telephone. Sometimes happens that a machine "gets fixed" during the telephone call but we are able to clarify the reason of the wrong operation or failure in almost every case. Spare parts for the machines that are distributed and installed by our company are always available in our stock, which significantly shortens the repair time and thus the failure in production. In most cases, our technicians can arrive at the place within a short time and bring all necessary spare parts.
To minimise unplanned failures, we provide a regular maintenance of production lines and machines according to operation hours or cycles. Thanks to this service, we can significantly prolong the life time of the machines and provide continuous operation.



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