Configuring cylinders of cutting presses

Working cylinders of cutting presses can get worn in time although operated correctly. As a result, cutting press will not cut the full matrix and various cutting errors and insufficiencies can occur. In some machines, the height of the cylinder can be set on every side individually, which can solve this problem for some time; however, shafts that have not been working simultaneously for a longer time period can cause further problems. We can change the polypropylene layer of the cutting cylinders or, depending on the level of their wear, we can accurately set the required diameter. This way, we can avoid damage to the knives in the cutting devices, which also has a significant effect on the life cycle of the cutting matrices and guarantees the quality of folds, moving paper and thus the coefficient of pull and the cut-out itself.
The surface of the cutting cylinders can be configured, in our factory, to a length of 3000 mm. In our machining workshop, we can also machine and set other metal machine cylinders.


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