Innovative solutions

Control systems

Most paper industry machines purchased by our company or operated by our partners can be even older than 20 years. The control and electronics of these machines in today's world of quickly developing information technologies can be found obsolete and their electric and special components can be only barely replaced.
Our partners often contact us and request that we design and implement the modernisation of the control systems of the machines they use. In addition, all recovered, newly installed and implemented control systems must also inevitably include safety circuits and solutions as prescribed by EU standards, which our technicians apply and integrate into the newly designed systems.
With the professional assistance of our automation and electronics specialists, we can quickly find solutions also for the most complicated requests and implement control systems into equipment from different producers as well as into special equipment. It does not matter whether you need us to create and implement new, used or innovated systems.
In such cases, we implement modern programmable logic controllers (PLCs), industrial computer and touch (HMI) control systems with a user program designed by our company and user-friendly interface, any language, continuous support and remote online assistance.


Drive systems

Older machines have mostly chain or gear drives that get worn out in time and become inaccurate. After some time, they can only hardly produce two identical boxes. Older drive systems can be modernised using serpentine belt or direct drive. The best solution for works and tasks requiring maximum accuracy is that every shaft contains a servomotor. Thanks to these modern drives, your machinery will be much more accurate.


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